Dianne Faucette

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The casings of Parchment Tube Worms are sometimes found washed up on our beaches. The bristled Polycheate worm lives inside its permanent protective U-shaped case of parchment-like material. Submerged in the water and sand, the worm is much shorter than its 10" casing. The tubes protrude slightly from the sand at both ends. In water, the live worm extends its feeding tentacle crown from the top of the tube to capture food particles from the water. These worms are abundant in tidal mudflats such as Fish Haul Creek. When the tide goes out, Sandpipers congregate on these flats and poke their bills into the mud, feeling for worms as they walk. 

Parchment Tube Worm on Palmetto Dunes beach

Marine worms gathered in one scoop at Fish Haul Park

Marine worm

Pink Ribbon Worm

Marine Worm casing